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Line of briquetting of 800-1100 kg/h Nestr

Line of briquetting of 800-1100 kg/h Nestr
  • Line of briquetting of 800-1100 kg/h Nestr
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Brand:Biofuel Equipment
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Line of briquetting of 800-1100 kg/h Nestro (Basic)

Raw materials: spill, shaving, opilka, peat, peel of all types, chicken dung, pork manure, all types of residue and the crushed biomass, waste of elevators etc., humidity to 65%.

Production term: 2-2,5 months.

Terms of payment: 60% - advance payment, 40% - payment after delivery of readiness of the equipment.

Shipment conditions: industrial complex LLC BIOOBLADSERVICE, FCA - the village of Badovka, the Rovno Region, Ukraine.

Delivery terms: the customer's transport, hired transport, free shipping across Ukraine is possible.

Transport: transportation of this line requires 4 tentovanny road trains.

Shefmontazhnye, commissioning, training of personnel: 20-25 days, are not included in the cost of the line and are carried out under the separate contract.

Main characteristics of the line of briquetting:

Productivity of the line: 800-1100 kg/h

The entering humidity of raw materials: 25-65%.

Humidity after drying: 8-15%.

Rated capacity of the line: 151,3 kW. (consumed 60-70% of rated capacity)

Fuel for drying complex: shaving, opilka, spill, peel (consumption of fuel of 150-250 kg/h)

Quantity of raw materials for production of 1 t. briquette: 5-6 m ³. (opilka of bulk specific gravity) or 2 tons of raw materials on 1 t. Briquette

Number of service personnel: 3-4 persons

Component parts:

  • Feeder doser (with disk separator) (Ukraine) – 9,9 kW
  • Chain conveyor (with magnetic separator) (Ukraine) – 2,2 kW
  • System of loading of fuel (Ukraine) – 1,5 kW
  • The SAB-1100 heatgenerator (Ukraine) – 5,05 kW
  • SB-1 fire chamber extender
  • Dryer drum SB-1 (Ukraine) – 5,5 kW
  • Main SB-1 cyclone (Ukraine)
  • The dust fan (Ukraine) – 15 kW
  • Lock lock of the main cyclone (doser) (Ukraine) – 2,2 kW
  • Crusher hammer (Ukraine) – 38,5 kW
  • Node of transportation of dry raw materials (Ukraine) – 7,7 kW
  • The granulator bunker doser (Ukraine) – 2,75 kW
  • Installation shock and mechanical PBU-900 (Ukraine) – 61 kW
  • Scales electronic (Ukraine)
  • Electric equipment (Ukraine-Germany)
  • Automation (Ukraine-Germany)
  • Complete set power – 151,3 kW

LLC BIOSMARTEKS specializing in development, design, production and complete set
the high-tech equipment for processing of all types of biomass, in highly effective, environmentally friendly firm
biological fuel ― fuel granules (pellets) and fuel briquettes.
Our company has opportunity to make for you the line of production of fuel granule.

Concerning complete set, installation, special offers, guarantee, service, cost address managers of the company.

! Advantage of purchase of the equipment from our company is!:

- energy saving technologies for sugar, juice, canning, agricultural, woodworking and other productions;
- full range of works on design, production, supply of equipment, construction, mounting, shefmontazhny and to commissioning, training of personnel;
- license for carrying out project, civil, installation, electric installation and other works;
- full certification of the equipment;
- officially registered trademark;
- full guarantee, post warranty and service;
- guarantee for all equipment – from 12 to 24 months;
- ratio the price - quality-guarantee;
- we one of the first in the CIS, have started complex plant, on production of solid biological fuel;
- extensive experience of implementation of projects (for the last 7 years, us it is established and put into operation of 70 complex plants, productivity on finished goods from 0,4 to 5 t/hour);
- implementation of projects in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, France;
- possibility of delivery new and second-hand, after repair, the import equipment;
- big warehouse of the ready equipment and spare parts;
- all equipment of our production, is completed with electric motors and reducers, productions of Italy and Germany;
- 4 mobile, independent and autonomous, mounting and service crews;
- own motor transportation park consisting of 14 units of different equipment;
- recognition us, reliable partners, such branded organizations as: EBRD, Nefco, CPM Europe, Munch, Graff, TM "Our Ryaba", TM "Galicia", TM "Yablunevy Gift", LLC Eko Prime, etc.;
- production base (5 hectares.) - private property;
- the number of working personnel – 48 people;
- we do not go in cycles in the overview of the equipment or in just sales, our purpose to solve the customer's problems of his desire.
- we are team of professionals which does favorite thing and derives from it sheer pleasure.
- we offer the modern equipment, advanced technologies and are ready to apply all the knowledge and abilities to the solution of the tasks set for us, and in it we see the key to success.
- we solve problems of any complexity in the field of production of solid biological fuel, the granulated forage, to drying of all types of waste and we execute "turnkey" orders.

Brand:Biofuel Equipment
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Productivity: 800-1100 kg/h
Information is up-to-date: 01.08.2019
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