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For customers BIOsmartex

Advantage of purchase of the equipment from our company is:

- an extensive experience of implementation of projects (43 plants put into operation);

- a ratio the price - a quality-guarantee;

- implementation of projects to the vukrayena, Russia, European Union countries;

- full certification of the equipment;

The prices are specified on conditions FCA Нетешин.

Advance payment 60, upon readiness before shipment other 40%.

Implementation of the order of 75-90 days.

Performance shefmontazhny and commissioning of 60-75 days.

The prices can change, depending on a complete set.

Guarantee for all equipment - 12 months.

mob. + 38 0673820737

Ph./fax +38 (0382) 709 707, 709 717

www.biofuel. biz . ua


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for customers BIOsmartex Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine